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Theorem Concepts Eton Lift Chair

Eton Lift Chair - Scooters and Mobility

Latest Technology – Powered Headrest Adjustment. 4 Power Functions included.

Aside from it’s stylish appearance, the Eton also boasts the new integral ‘box in box’ mechanism. This fully enclosed feature means that nothing can inadvertently obstruct the chair in it’s fully lifted position. The Eton also includes an independent headrest function for enhanced comfort.

The heavy duty electric Eton Lift Recliner comes with a dual motor that enables the user to lay flat or adjust to a multitude of positions.   It has been built to offer enhanced comfort for the larger frame. The “box in box” mechanism means that nothing can inadvertently obstruct the chair in its full lift position.

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Theorem Concepts Eton Lift Chair

Eton Lift Chair Features

  • New ‘box in box’ technology
  • Two motor lift recliner
  • Independent headrest function
  • Handwand with USB Port
  • Contoured high density foam seat
  • Articulating (extending) footrest
  • 5 year warranty
  • 226kg weight capacity
  • Seat Width: 533 mm
  • Seat Depth: 520 mm
  • Chair Width: 876 mm
  • Chair Depth: 953 mm (back to front of chair)
  • Chair Height: 1067 mm (floor to top of back)
  • Weight Capacity:  180 kgs
  • Operation:  Side Button

Brand / Manafacturer theorem-concepts
Product Type beds-and-beddinglift-chairslift-recliners
Category lift-recline-chair
Price Range
Size Range

Eton Lift Chair Specs

Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


  • Simple Modern yet stylish look
  • Electric Dual Motor lift operation
  • Multiple positional choices
  • Independent headrest function
  • Lay flat recliner
  • Box in Box Technology to avoid obstruction when in lift position
  • Hand control wand with USB port
  • Back up battery in the event of power failure
  • Standard Colours:
    • Stonewash Dune
    • Stonewash Amber

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