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We aim to provide a better way of life for our customers by providing the highest quality range of mobility equipment, which you will be able to trial either at our extensive showrooms or in your own home. 

We pride ourselves on our after-sales service, as we are all well trained in the fields of mobility equipment repairs and maintenance. It is important to us that you not only have high-quality mobility equipment but that it will be running as smoothly and as safely as possible whilst it is in your use.

By stocking the leading brands such as Shoprider, Merits, Afikim, Pride, Invacare, Theorem Concepts, Novis, Redgum & ICare, we will be guaranteed to be able to assist you with a long-lasting aid to suit your lifestyle. These brands are all TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) tested, which means that all of their items have met the strict standard as required by the TGA and the aligned worldwide bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

There are many brands available today in the market that are simply not up to this standard and as such, are of inferior quality and may be unfit for your use.