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HMR TrustCare® Let’sGo Out Rollator (With Backrest & Bag)

Trust Care outdoor - Scooters and Mobility

It is light and elegant, both folded and unfolded. It has an X frame cross folding system which makes it easy to fold, takes up little space and stands alone when folded.

Big front and rear wheels make it easy to get over curbs and other obsticals.

Even more important is the spring system in the wheels that gives a smooth movement compensating for stiff joints.

The Let’sGo Out has Soft, comfortable rubber handles that are adjustable in height from 78 to 96 cms.

It has an easy to manage brake which of course can be locked and a comfortable seat in imitation leather for strength.

The Let’sGo Out has an elegant design in every aspect.

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HMR TrustCare® Let’sGo Out Rollator (With Backrest & Bag)

TrustCare® Let’sGo Out Rollator (With Backrest & Bag) Features

Brand / Manafacturer hmr
Product Type walkers
Category walking-aids-sticks-and-quads
Price Range premium-quality
Size Range

TrustCare® Let’sGo Out Rollator (With Backrest & Bag) Specs

Weight Capacity 130 kg
Item Weight 6.5kg
Seat Height 59 cm
Width at base 57 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x 96 cm


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