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K-Care Toilet Surround: KA440

Toilet Surround - Scooters and Mobility

Designed to assist those that have difficulty using a standard toilet, this K•Care Standard Toilet Surround sits around an existing toilet.

It provides support to users while sitting or transferring, and the height and angle can be adjusted. Rubber tips on each leg provide anti-slip stability.

The toilet surround is durable with an epoxy powder coated phosphate treated mild steel frame.

K•Care Toilet Surround, Adjustable Height, Zinc Plated Frame, White
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K-Care Toilet Surround: KA440

Toilet Surround: KA440 Features

  • Adjustable height and angle to suit the occupant and uneven floors
  • Arms to provide support when sitting or transferring
Maximum Occupant Weight   110 Kg
Width  500 mm
Depth  440 mm
Height at Front 645-770 mm
Height at Rear 670-795 mm
Width Between Arms 435 mm
Frame Epoxy powder coated phosphate treated mild steel, white

Brand / Manafacturer k-care
Product Type bathroom-aids
Category bathroom
Price Range affordable
Size Range

Toilet Surround: KA440 Specs

Weight Capacity 110 kg
Depth 44 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x 50 cm x cm


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