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Redgum Brand Telescopic Aluminium Ramp Ram 80T

Telescopic Aluminium Ramp Ram 80T - Scooters and Mobility
Fixed Ramp

3 section Aluminum Ramp Heavy Duty Extends to 240cm

Min Length Max Length Width   Weight Capacity
1050mm 2400mm 160mm 7.0kg 270kg
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Redgum Brand Telescopic Aluminium Ramp Ram 80T

Fixed Ramp

Telescopic Aluminium Ramp Ram 80T Features

Brand / Manafacturer redgum-brand
Product Type accessoriesbeds-and-bedding
Category accessories
Price Range
Size Range portable

Telescopic Aluminium Ramp Ram 80T Specs

Model RAM80T
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


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