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Merits Scooter S742A

Swift - Scooters and Mobility
Midi Electric Scooter

  • Comfortable adjustable height seat
  • Flip up and width adjustable armrests
  • Infinite angle tiller adjustment
  • Front shopping basket with carry handle
  • Optional attractive front and rear LED lights
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Merits Scooter S742A

Midi Electric Scooter

Scooter S742A Features

  • Looped tiller for finger or thumb steering

  • Extended legroom space for more comfort

  • Infinite angle tiller adjustment

  • Width adjustable armrest

    Flip-up armrests with height, width & angle adjustments

Brand / Manafacturer merits
Product Type scooters
Category mobility-scooter
Price Range affordable
Size Range medium

Scooter S742A Specs

Model S742A
Weight Capacity 136 kg
Max. Speed 8 kph
Range 32 km
Turn Radius 142 cm
Ground Clearance 9.5 cm
Motor DC 24V, 210W(Rating)/ 715W(Max)
Controller PG S-Drive 70
Battery 12V/ U1 x 2pcs
Charger 4A off-board
Gradient 6 °
Front Wheel 9"
Rear Wheel 10"
Brake intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes
Length x Width x height (if available)
121 cm x 61 cm x 99 cm


  • 134 Deluxe two tone captain seat

    Deluxe two tone captain seat with adjustable armrests

  • Rear-view mirror

  • Foldable rear basket with bracket

  • Oxygen tank holder

  • Canopy

  • Cane holder

  • Folding walker holder

  • Cup holder

  • 111 Deluxe MERITS seat

  • A103 Simple dashboard

  • 133 Standard captain seat

    Standard captain seat with adjustable armrests

  • Batteries

  • 123 Deluxe two tone fish-on seat

    Deluxe two tone fish-on seat with adjustable armrests and sliding device. Seat width: 17"

  • 124 Deluxe two tone stadium seat

    Deluxe two tone stadium seat without adjustable armrests

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