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Zylux Oz Charge 8 amp 1 scooter battery charger

PX-2408PM - Scooters and Mobility

Developed and approved specifically to comply with Australian/NZ Standard 3696.14 for powered chairs. IP51 rated. No Fan.

Microprocessor controlled battery charger and maintainer with safety timers at every stage.

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Zylux Oz Charge 8 amp 1 scooter battery charger

Oz Charge 8 amp 1 scooter battery charger Features

High frequency, High Efficiency Switching Mode
• Microprocessor controlled
• Suits all sealed Lead-Acid Type Batteries. (AGM & Gel)
• Heavy-duty cables with Amphenol (Cannon) ‘XLR’ type connector
• Built in Temperature / short circuit protection
• Built in battery fault protection
• Electronic output protection and no DC fuse
• AS/NZS 3696.14 Approved for use with wheelchairs
• IP51 Rating
• Natural cooling (no fan)
• Recommended maximum Battery Capacity: 85AH

These devices will recharge the battery set to 80% of the rated capacity in a period not exceeding 8-hours.

Brand / Manafacturer zylux
Product Type chargers
Category parts
Price Range balanced
Size Range

Oz Charge 8 amp 1 scooter battery charger Specs

Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


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