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Redgum Brand Premium Comfort Cushion SE313

Premium Comfort Cushion SE313 - Scooters and Mobility
Removable Washable Cover

The Premium Comfort Cushion is available in five different comfort levels with each cushion being covered in a durable airflow cushion cover and is removable for washing if required The comfort cushions are ideally suited to be used in a variety of different situations to give the user a greater comfort level


These Cushions are available in a range of sizes and foam densities.

Comfort cushions are available in a range of coverings including:

water resistant polyester, polar fleece, and acrylic lambs wool.

Model number -  SE313

Cover Type - Water resistant Polyester

Colour – black

Size -50mmx450mmx450mm


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Redgum Brand Premium Comfort Cushion SE313

Removable Washable Cover

Premium Comfort Cushion SE313 Features

Brand / Manafacturer redgum-brand
Product Type beds-and-beddingcushions
Category accessorieshomecare
Price Range
Size Range

Premium Comfort Cushion SE313 Specs

Cover Type Washable
Foam Type medium
Length x Width x height (if available)
80 cm x 46 cm x 43 cm


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