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Invacare Invacare Pegasus 10 kph 4 wheel

Pegasus - Scooters and Mobility
All Round Performance, Comfort and Safety

With a focus on safety and reliability, the Pegasus is equipped with multiple features to ensure a safe and easy ride.  Whether you enjoy a daily trip to the shops or love to travel further afield, the Invacare Pegasus gives you freedom of independence.


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Invacare Invacare Pegasus 10 kph 4 wheel

All Round Performance, Comfort and Safety

Invacare Pegasus 10 kph 4 wheel Features

All Round Performance

The Pegasus is mid-sized mobility scooter designed for good outdoor performance without sacrificing indoor manoeuvrability. The powerful 10kph motors get you from home to the shopping centre with ease and the good turning circle enables you to negotiate the shops once there. If you are looking for a good all round performing scooter, look no further than the Pegasus.


A comfortable driving experience reduces fatigue when travelling longer distances.  This is why the Pegasus comes with an ergonomically shaped seat with soft padding and height adjustability, providing optimum comfort and positioning.  In addition the easy to adjust ergonomic handlebars on the Pegasus prevents fatigue in the hands and arms.

5 Star Safety

Invacare believes in the importance of safety. The Pegaus has been designed to deliver a safe driving experience so that you feel confident when out and about.

Brand / Manafacturer invacare
Product Type scooters
Category mobility-scooter
Price Range balanced
Size Range medium

Invacare Pegasus 10 kph 4 wheel Specs

Weight Capacity 136 kg
Max. Speed 10 kph
Range 42 km
Turn Radius 140 cm
Ground Clearance 9 cm
Motor Motor power (peak) 600W Motor power (continuous) 240W
Controller 110 Amp Rhino Controller
Battery Standard battery size (2) 12V 50 Amp Standard battery charger 24V/8 amp (off-board)
Gradient 12 °
Front Wheel 29cm/11"Pneumatic
Rear Wheel 29cm/11"Pneumati
Seat Width 51cm
Seat Depth 47 cm
Seat Height 42 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
129 cm x 62.5 cm x cm


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