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Over Chair Bed Table RG0BCT

Redgum Brand Over Chair Bed Table

Over Chair Bed Table - Scooters and Mobility
Over Chair Bed Table RG0BCT

  • Beech finish wooden surface
  • Positive locking adjustable top
  • 6 tilting positions
  • Book holder in place when tilted
  • Fixed top surface with rails to prevent spills
  • Stylish “U” Shaped base that fits around lift chairs
  • Low Clearance base to fit under beds
  • 4 Castors with the front two locking for added security
  • One touch easy assisted height adjustment
  • Cream powder coated & chrome finish surfaces
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Redgum Brand Over Chair Bed Table

Over Chair Bed Table RG0BCT

Over Chair Bed Table Features

  • Table Top Length – 810mm
  • Tilting Section – 555mm
  • Table Top Width – 385mm
  • Table Top Height – 730 – 1030mm
  • Base Width – 915mm
  • Inside Base Width – 800mm
  • Base Depth – 445mm

Brand / Manafacturer redgum-brand
Product Type accessoriesbeds-and-bedding
Category accessorieshomecare
Price Range
Size Range portable

Over Chair Bed Table Specs

Model RG0BCT
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


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