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Olympus - Medium - Scooters and Mobility

Introducing the Topro Olympos Rollator. An elegant and practical offroader, designed especially for outdoor use, but can also be used inside. The Olympos Rollator front wheels come in two size variations. The small has a diameter of 22cm and a massive 28cm for the medium. Great for rough surfaces.

  • The tires are made for comfortable driving on rough foundations like cobblestone or dirt roads.
  • Spacious basket with slipcover. The basket carries up to 10kg
  • Made from materials that tolerate all kinds of weather
  • Easy to clean, just hose down or steam
  • Easy to fold and unfold. Height adjustment with memory function
  • Excellent brakes, kerb lifters and edge guard.
  • Safe to use and practical when crossing thresholds, kerbs etc
  • Easy to operate brakes
  • Folds easily together and requires little space
  • The rollator folds together by pulling the strap on the seat
  • Stands steadily on its wheels when folded
  • Takes up little space when stored
  • Practical to transport. Excellent for users who travel by car, bus, train or airplane
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Australia is flooded with A Frame rollators/walkers that are badly designed, hard to get into a vehicle, bad for your posture and force you to walk outside the frame, usually looking down and bent forward; a poor look, and quite unsafe. Tiredness and backache will occur and you will walk less than optimum. This is due to terrible design and mostly poor quality. Who is going to walk inside the frame of a walker when your knees bump against the metal bars supporting the basket? If you walk behind a rollator and you trip it will help you to fall.


  • TOPRO is designed to allow you to walk inside the frame, with nothing to bump against your knees and encouraging you to stand straight, giving good skeletal support, reducing tiredness & muscle strain.
  • With TOPRO you can adjust the grips to wrist level and this gives you a slight, natural bend in your elbow and allows you to walk tall inside the frame and prevents falls. The memory stick will always keep the correct height for you.
  • TOPRO has a woven basket in front and a woven seat allowing correct folding.
  • TOPRO folds like hands clapping allowing you to hook the front wheels over the sill of the rear car door and tumble the rollator in between front and back seats; no more lifting in and out of cars.
  • TOPRO now has a 7 year frame warranty and has won many awards in Europe. Quality materials, rigorous testing and state of the art manufacturing produce enduring quality.
  • TOPRO rigouresley test their products including a 90 day out in the snow test.
  • The simple elegance of TOPRO coupled with your new upright stance is a real good look.

Brand / Manafacturer topro
Product Type walkers
Category walking-aids-sticks-and-quads
Price Range premium-quality
Size Range


Weight Capacity 150 kg
Item Weight 8.5kg
Seat Height 60 cm
Width at base 70.5 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


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