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Merits Power Wheelchair P327

Maverick 12 - Scooters and Mobility
Power Wheelchair P327 Mid-Wheel Drive Powerbase Wheelchair

  • Mid-wheel drive design delivers outstanding maneuverability in tight, compact spaces and a smooth and stable ride both indoors and outdoors even over rough terrain
  • Duel in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Full front and rear suspension for enhanced over more varied terrain
  • 12″ knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction
  • Enhanced stability: 4 seat post design
  • Swing back joystick bracket is standard
  • Heavy duty group II model
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Merits Power Wheelchair P327

Power Wheelchair P327 Mid-Wheel Drive Powerbase Wheelchair

Power Wheelchair P327 Features

6″ caster or front & rear for maximum stability
Excellent stability on footplate
Optional R300 10″ cross braces power seat lifter
Easily disassembles Maverick
Width adjustable armrest
Flip-up armrest
Swing back joystick bracket is standard
Height adjustable armrest

Brand / Manafacturer merits
Product Type power-wheelchairs
Category electric-wheelchair
Price Range balanced
Size Range medium

Power Wheelchair P327 Specs

Weight Capacity 205 kg
Max. Speed 8 kph
Range 32 km
Turn Radius 53 cm
Ground Clearance 5.6 cm
Motor DC24V, 200W(Rating)/ 575W(Max)
Controller Dynamic Shark 50
Battery 12V/ 22NF x 2pcs
Charger 5A off-board
Gradient 5 °
Front Wheel front: 6" x 2" PU tire ; rear: 6" x 2" solid tire
Rear Wheel 12"(4.00-5) pneumatic tire
Brake intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes
Length x Width x height (if available)
90 cm x 69 cm x 127 cm


Cup holder Merits Cup holder and bag
134 Deluxe two tone captain seat
Cup holder Cup holder
135 Deluxe captain seat
133 Standard captain seat
Optional lighting kit
R300 10″ Cross-brace Power Seat Elevator

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