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Redgum Brand Heavy Duty Wide Walker Rollator

Heavy Duty Wide Walker Rollator - Mack (8" Wheels) - RG4205 - Scooters and Mobility
Mack (8" Wheels) - RG4205

Built with a wider chair, this walker rollator can handle total user weight up to 150kg.
Solid steel construction with large wheels that can be locked, and adjustable backrest and handles to suit your needs.
The unit is foldable to allow for easy storage and transport.
Also comes with a basket for extra storage.
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Redgum Brand Heavy Duty Wide Walker Rollator

Mack (8" Wheels) - RG4205

Heavy Duty Wide Walker Rollator Features

Brand / Manafacturer redgum-brand
Product Type walkers
Category walking-aids-sticks-and-quads
Price Range premium-quality
Size Range large

Heavy Duty Wide Walker Rollator Specs

Model RG4205
Weight Capacity 150 kg
Item Weight 15kg
Seat Height 58 cm
Width at base 62.5 cm
Colour RED
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


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