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Comet Ultra new interchangeable colour panels

Invacare Comet Ultra Heavy Duty Scooter

Comet Ultra Scooters and Mobility
Well-proportioned, Comfortable, Supporting

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Invacare Comet Ultra Heavy Duty Scooter

Well-proportioned, Comfortable, Supporting

Comet Ultra Heavy Duty Scooter Features

Durable Design and Power in One

Even for users with a weight of up to 220 kg, safety is never a concern with the Comet HD. All necessary precautions for guaranteeing the stability and safety of the scooter have been taken into consideration during the design process.

That Comfortable Feeling

The XL contoured seat has been developed in conjunction with therapists to ensure optimum seating comfort. The seat base and height- and width-adjustable armrests have been reinforced to allow for additional stresses and can easily be used as supports when getting on and off the scooter. Seating comfort can be increased by using the pneumatically adjustable lumbar support.


Reinforced seat column

It ensures stability and safety while seated.

Reinforced armrest

It allows for the additional stress of getting on and off the Comet HD.

Unique suspension system

It has proven itself in the professional mountain biking industry and allows for simple independent user adjustment.

Brand / Manafacturer invacare
Product Type scooters
Category mobility-scooter
Price Range balanced
Size Range large

Comet Ultra Heavy Duty Scooter Specs

Weight Capacity 220 kg
Max. Speed 10 kph
Range 50 km
Turn Radius 326 cm
Ground Clearance 10 cm
Motor Motor power (peak) 1800W Motor power (continuous) 650W
Gradient 10 °
Seat Width 66cm
Seat Depth 53 cm
Seat Height 61 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
147.5 cm x 66 cm x cm


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