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Invacare Invacare Colibri 8kph 4 Wheel

Colibri - Scooters and Mobility
Winner of the Red Dot Award (2014) for High Design Quality

The new Invacare Colibri is a stylish, simple and colourful micro-lightweight scooter, designed for those who enjoy a totally independent lifestyle.

Thanks to the unique Invacare LiteLock system, the scooter can easily be taken apart without the need for tools, and fits neatly into any car boot. Plus, with its small footprint, the Invacare Colibri offers greater manoeuvrability in tight, or limited spaces.

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Invacare Invacare Colibri 8kph 4 Wheel

Winner of the Red Dot Award (2014) for High Design Quality

Invacare Colibri 8kph 4 Wheel Features

Effortless Dismantling

Don’t think – do it! Less than a minute is all that’s needed to disassemble the Colibri for transportation.

Increased Comfort

The soft, padded seat provides comfort during driving. For increased comfort, there is also the optional ‘east fit’ seat suspension kit.

Ergonomic Handlebar and Plastic Basket

For greater comfort and prevents fatigue in hands and wrists.

Available in five interchangable colours

Brand / Manafacturer invacare
Product Type scooters
Category mobility-scooter
Price Range affordable
Size Range portable

Invacare Colibri 8kph 4 Wheel Specs

Weight Capacity 136 kg
Max. Speed 8 kph
Range 14 km
Ground Clearance 4.5 cm
Battery 2 x 18Ah
Length x Width x height (if available)
101 cm x 50.5 cm x cm


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