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Breezy Basix2 wheelchairs - Scooters and Mobility
Standard Wheelchair

Adjustability and rigidity with a modern look.

The lightweight BasiX² wheelchair represents improved adjustability and rigidity, combined with a modern, clean look.

Improvements include greater seat depth adjustment (41cm to 46cm), a tension adjustable backrest which is extendable from 41cm to 46cm and a more robust, rigid castor attachment (0, 3 and 6 degrees).

Highly efficient and easy to use – The BasiX² is the ideal wheelchair for fleet management


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Standard Wheelchair

BasiX 2 Features

  • Castor fork adjustment

    Castor fork with increased adjustment (0, 3 & 6 degrees) and added stability.

  • Axle plate adjustment

    Axle plate for seat height and centre of gravity adjustment.

  • Elevating

    Elevating footrest made of aluminium cast housing for greater stability.

  • Rounded front armrest

    Wider, rounded front armrest for greater comfort and safety.

Brand / Manafacturer sunrise-medical
Product Type manual-wheelchairs
Category manual-wheelchair
Price Range balanced
Size Range

BasiX 2 Specs

Weight Capacity 125 kg
Seat Width 38cm
Item Weight 14.9kg
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


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