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Invacare Invacare Reliant 450

Birdie Compact 150 - Scooters and Mobility
Battery-Powered Lift with Power-Opening Low Base

The Invacare Reliant 450 Battery-Powered Lift with Power-Opening Low Base supports up to 450 lb. and its 4.5″ under the bed clearance allows easy access for transfers, making them smoother for user and caregiver. Includes two 24V batteries and charging station to reduce downtime.

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Invacare Invacare Reliant 450

Battery-Powered Lift with Power-Opening Low Base

Invacare Reliant 450 Features


  • Total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts for added safety
  • Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces
  • Wide base provides maximum stability and is battery-operated for ease of use
  • Ergonomic hand pendant attaches to multiple points on lift for convenience
  • Manual lowering allows emergency lowering of user in case of power loss


Brand / Manafacturer invacare
Product Type hoist
Category homecare
Price Range balanced
Size Range

Invacare Reliant 450 Specs

Weight Capacity 204 kg
Battery 24V Rechargeable sealed
Charger Output: 24V DC
Item Weight 49.5kg
Cleareance (under bed) 11 cm
Base Length 122 cm
Base Width 105 cm
Caster Options Front: 3", Rear: 5" locking casters
Power Audible low battery alarm, Lifts per charge: 100 - 200 (varies with lift range and load) Emergency Controls: Stop, Down
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x 188 cm


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