BetterLiving Stop Banner

BetterLiving Stop Banner

Designed to help dementia sufferers from entering areas off limits, a contrasting visual reminder banner designed to go across doorways.


Warranty: Replacement for receipt of faulty or defective product

Capacity: N/A

C Grade
Products are suited for use in low to medium risk care applications. Features typically include basic pressure redistribution capabilities; base functionality and ease of use; minimal infection control features. Usually suited to patients who are primarily mobile and independent but who tire quickly. Good option for home care environment.



BetterLiving STOP Banner Features

Ideally suited to people living with a diagnosis of dementia, this banner is a large, highly visible STOP sign to provide a visual reminder not to open the door it is mounted on. Large banner has clear contrasting colours in easy-to-read text and symbols. Made of thick vinyl, the sign can be cut at both ends to fit the width of the doorway.
  • highly visible; clear contrasting red and yellow colours
  • easy-to-read text and symbols
  • easy to install with self adhesive Velcro strips for attachment
  • 1200 x 200 mm (sign can be cut to fit doorway width)
  • supplied as kit with two signs and self adhesive Velcro strips

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