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HMR Airgo® Fusion™ Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair

Airgo Fusion - Scooters and Mobility
The two in one side-fold rolling walker and transport chair!

The Airgo Fusion was designed to allow you to remain independent and live your life to the fullest. Its lightweight design and unparalleled stability provide the confidence to walk safely again. And if you ever find that you’ve ventured out too far, the Airgo Fusion converts easily to a transport chair so that a loved one can help bring you back home in comfort and style. Find out more about why so many people love their Airgo Fusion!

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HMR Airgo® Fusion™ Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair

The two in one side-fold rolling walker and transport chair!

Airgo® Fusion™ Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair Features

  • Lightweight side-folding rollator and transport chair in one design
  • Folds sideways easily by just a pull of the strap!
  • Patent pending Swing n’ Lock footrests clip to the frame when folded
  • The frame locks together when folded for safer lifting and storing
  • Padded seat and a full backrest for superior comfort
  • Dual armrests provide a place to rest yours arms in either mode
  • Smooth bearings and an improved center of gravity for easy pushing
  • Unique ergonomic handgrips fit naturally for easier brake access
  • Features our new senior friendly tool-free brake adjustment knob
  • Lightweight frame (17.1 lb net) designed for superior stability
  • Reflective soft basket can be removed and is machine washable
  • 8″ (20 cm) Comfort-Grip wheels are ideal for indoor & outdoor use
  • Net weight (without accessories): 17.1 lb (7.76 kg)
  • Weight capacity of 300 lb in both modes
  • US Patent : 7,540,527 & Patents Pending

Brand / Manafacturer hmr
Product Type walkers
Category walking-aids-sticks-and-quads
Price Range balanced
Size Range

Airgo® Fusion™ Side-Folding Rollator & Transport Chair Specs

Weight Capacity 136 kg
Seat Width 50cm
Item Weight 7.76kg
Seat Height 51 cm
Width at base 69 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x 93 cm


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