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Afikim Afiscoot C4

Afiscoot C4 - Scooters and Mobility
Reliability and driver safety in mind

The outstanding design of the Afiscooter C along with the user comfort facilities: a fully adjustable swiveling orthopedic seat that gives easy access and an enjoyable ride, the DELTA tiller that provides easy steering and is fully adjustable to accommodate any driver. A top quality drive is guaranteed with an advanced full suspension system.

In addition the Afiscooter C features a large rear basket (optional accessory).
The 4 wheel model allows for a smooth and comfortable ride along with improved stability, indoor and outside.

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Afikim Afiscoot C4

Reliability and driver safety in mind

Afiscoot C4 Features

  • A fully adjustable orthopedic seat provides comfort while driving and swivels for ease of boarding
  • Fits standard car lifts for the traveling user
  • An optional canopy is available for protection from the sun
  • Easy tiller adjustment for any driver

Brand / Manafacturer afikim
Product Type scooters
Category mobility-scooter
Price Range balanced
Size Range

Afiscoot C4 Specs

Weight Capacity 150 kg
Max. Speed 15 kph
Range 40 km
Turn Radius 167 cm
Ground Clearance 10 cm
Motor Rear Wheel Drive, 24V DC motor
Battery 2x 12V 45-50A/h
Front Wheel 5X6"
Rear Wheel 5X6"
Length x Width x height (if available)
132 cm x 67 cm x cm


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