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Our Services

Our Services

Home Care Packages

Your local Scooters and Mobility representative is an expert at helping you with all your equipment requirements under your Home Care Package. We work closely with you, as well as the home care providers, to ensure we deliver the best possible advice and recommend the right products for you. 

We pride ourselves on finding the best quality hired and purchased equipment at the best price possible.

Being local means, we can back up and support you quickly and efficiently, if you experience any issues with your purchase or if your needs change.

Family values are the keystone that Scooters and Mobility is built on and no one cares for their loved ones like family.


At Scooters and Mobility, we recognise and pay homage to our veterans and are pleased to work with the DVA, their therapists and providers to support our veteran’s assistive technology and daily living aides, to help maintain their independence and to make home life easier.

We work closely with you and your support team to help you maintain that freedom and lifestyle that your service allows us all to enjoy.

Call in and see our extensive range of DVA approved products available through the “RAP” system.


Our stores are registered providers of Assistive Technology Products. We work closely with therapists to help guarantee the right products for you.

We pride ourselves on being local and providing the best quality service and advice.

Call in to your local store and speak to your Scooters and Mobility representative for all your home care and NDIS needs.