Member Benefits

Member Benefits

A collaboration of local small businesses, Scooters and Mobility Pty Ltd is a family of stores who operate independently within a unified brand that work towards a common goal to keeping the independence of people who buy our products. We are well represented with 19 stores positioned Australia Wide and with many new stores being launched.

Scooters and Mobility’s vision is to be the first-choice brand of assistive technology equipment in every market in which we operate.

National representation in Scooters & Mobility Offers The Following:

  • Equal shareholders in Scooters & Mobility family
  • Equal representation
  • A culture of success
  • Brand recognised Australia wide
  • A national network of expertise and support
  • Product diversity and access
  • Supply security
  • Part of a team - shared expertise and knowledge bank

Joining the Scooters and Mobility has business benefits includes:

  • Buying power
  • Market profile
  • Group conferences
  • Training
  • Product range
  • Joint marketing
  • 1800 number
  • Web presence
  • Expanding professional network

Member Testimonials

Scooters and Mobility Runaway Bay

Joining Scooters and Mobility was the best business decision I’ve ever made. The interaction between members and suppliers is excellent, and it really is like being part of a family. The buying power of being part of Scooters and Mobility is a distinct advantage.

-- D’Arcy Watson

Scooters and Mobility Tamworth

We love being part of the Scooters & Mobility family. One of the biggest strengths that we have is the fact that collectively we can tap into so much knowledge, support and mentorship amongst our fellow members. You can’t put a price on the help and guidance we have received.

As a group we get better buys, this allows the little stores to compete on par with their opposition.

I think what we have is unique, we all own our own stores, but because of what we have achieved we have become a recognisable Brand in the industry, you couldn’t achieve what we have on your own.

-- Natalie Wibberley