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Invacare Invacare Comet Alpine

Comet Alpine - Scooters and Mobility
Powerful, Determined, Adventurous

New to the Invacare Comet family, the Comet Alpine version offers improved traction and a larger motor, ideal for challenging outdoor uses. The robust power unit and 4-point independent suspension system ensures a continuous comfortable ride even on bumpy ground and can tackle the most challenging of hills.
The Comet Alpine includes a variety of safety features such as speed reduction when turning, brake light when stopping and a 2-step disengaging lever to prevent the scooter from freewheeling.

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Invacare Invacare Comet Alpine

Powerful, Determined, Adventurous

Invacare Comet Alpine Features

Extra Power

Beyond its stylish appearance, the Comet Alpine proves itself a real winner.
The scooter will win you over with its powerful driving characteristics and impressive maneuverability going uphill and even when driving downhill or on loose gravel. The stability of the Comet Alpine in challenging surroundings leaves no doubt that this scooter is out of the ordinary.

Superior Range of Safety Features

The Automatic Speed Reduction feature automatically reduces your speed around bends, preventing you from going too fast when turning.

Challenge Your Comet

With the Comet Alpine you can leave limitations behind, enjoying outings across uneven or wet ground. The Comet Alpine has built-in anti-splash guards, which protect vital components from water and dirt.

Seat suspension module

Adds extra comfort during driving.

Seat Raiser

Electronically raises the seat to the preferred height.

Off-board charging

An off-board charger kit is available, which allows you to conveniently charge the batteries away from the scooter.

Brand / Manafacturer invacare
Product Type scooters
Category mobility-scooter
Price Range balanced
Size Range large

Invacare Comet Alpine Specs

Weight Capacity 160 kg
Max. Speed 10 kph
Range 50 km
Turn Radius 163 cm
Ground Clearance 10 cm
Motor Motor power (peak) 1800W Motor power (continuous) 650W
Seat Width 51cm
Seat Depth 48 cm
Seat Height 50 cm
Length x Width x height (if available)
147.5 cm x 66 cm x cm


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