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Bed Home Care IC111 Scooters and Mobility

icare Medical Group Bed Home Care IC111

Bed Home Care IC111 - Scooters and Mobility

Choice of long single, king single, Spilt Queen, Spilt King Available in Onyx & Stone Fabric

The IC111 Bed is our low risk extra mobility option. These domestic looking bases offer head lift and knee break. Queen and king size are available with split mattresses with no gap and individual controls. Choice of Mattresses Available in Onyx & Stone fabrics Headboards – optional extra

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icare Medical Group Bed Home Care IC111


Bed Home Care IC111 Features

  • Maximum load rated 200kg
  • Head Raise and Knee Break
  • Heavy duty locking castors
  • Choice of fabrics for upholstered
  • Dual lift motors totalling 12,000 Newtons lifting power
  • 10 year warranty

Brand / Manafacturer icare-medical-group
Product Type beds-and-beddingliving-aids
Category homecare
Price Range premium-quality
Size Range large

Bed Home Care IC111 Specs

Model IC111
Length x Width x height (if available)
cm x cm x cm


  • Visco Mattress
  • Headboard (Onyx or Stone Fabric)
  • High side rail
  • Low side rail
  • Bed sticks
  • Full length fold down bed rail
  • Over bed table
  • Over bed pole


Long Single 2150mm 960mm         370 mm 200kg
King Single 2150mm 1120mm         370 mm 200kg
Queen 2150mm (per side) 790mm (per side)         370 mm 200kg
King 2150mm (per side) 960mm (per side)         370 mm 200kg


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