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Currimundi Spec School 19 Aug 2016

Helping our Community

We were very fortunate recently to be in the position to donate some specialised children’s walkers to thelovely people at Currimundi Special and the Cerebral Palsy League at Maroochydore .

Shilo and Iwere welcomed to present the walkers at school assembly by Frank Van Der Kooy and the students at Currimundi Special school and it was an absolute delight to see the joy on their faces as the studentsreceived their weekly achievement awards, which we were extremely fortunate to present to them. It’s a fantastic facility and Frank and the team do a monumental job in the care andon-going education of the students.

I went and visited Kyeong and the team at Cerebral Palsy League in Maroochydore to present 2 walkers to them for whatever use they choose. Kyeong told me that the walkers will be a great asset and will be of great use to the team now and into the future.

It was a real pleasure to be able to assist these wonderful community organisations and we want to thank I an and the team at Merits Australia for their help with the donations.

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